Visual and Performing Arts

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Visual Art

The visual art program encourages students to develop their creativity through projects that explore a wide range of materials, processes and art traditions from different cultures and throughout history. Art excursions and visiting artists offer students a chance to appreciate visual art and learn from practicing artists and crafts people.

Students have further opportunity to participate in the varied extra-curricular art activities that are offered throughout the elementary, middle and high schools. All students participate, as we celebrate their artwork in the annual art shows towards the end of the school year.


Students at SSIS participate in making music. Music is a regular part of student life at SSIS.

Students in all divisions participate in two regular performances to celebrate the end of each semester. Students also have the opportunity to participate in music-making during the ASA sessions running all through the school year.

Middle and high school students have additional opportunities to participate in public performances. A yearly cultural exchange takes place for MRISA students.


Drama and Theatre are an important part of SSIS life and performances take place regularly in the newly built Black Box Theatre. Drama is formally studied from grade 1 - 12. In addition to teaching students about the art of acting and direction, they also learn about every design and technical element of Theatre including set design, costume and makeup, sound, and lighting. Our courses are extremely practical in nature and teach Drama theory through its practical application. Our design and acting students work on real productions for real audiences resulting in a very authentic and practical learning experience.