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Middle School Students Take Action to Improve Life at SSIS and Beyond

Middle School Students Take Action to Improve Life at SSIS and Beyond
Tanya Olander

Engaging in service-learning projects, our middle school students are reflecting on the world around them and taking action to improve it!

On a campus bustling with year-end activities and celebrations, our middle school students are finding time to engage in service-learning projects as part of the MS Advisory program, to see how they can impact change at SSIS and beyond. 

From exploring how to improve traffic routines during the pick-up and drop-off routines on campus, to reflecting on animal welfare, students have been collecting data as part of their inquiry process. 

As part of their service-learning project, some grade 6 students taught grade 1 math with math games.

“We created a website online, where you can investigate and give suggestions on how we could take action on this issue,” grade 7 student, Apolline shares with peers in an email about a project geared to improving safety for pedestrians around the school entrance.

Tied to our wellness initiative and leading a life of meaning, middle schoolers' service learning projects also reflect the SSIS Core Value “Dedicated Service.” Grade 7 students have focused on ways to improve the lives of abandoned animals in the community. 

middle school girls sell baked goods at a table outdoors

Grade 7 students selling baked goods to raise funds for an animal shelter.

In grade 6 students have designed a project to provide children at orphanages with clothes, toys, and other necessities. “Students have been working so hard on this - coming up with the ideas, creating awareness, and finding out who to contact to find distribution channels for their donations,” says Ms. Schraer whose grade 6 advisory is being supported by ES nurse, Ms. Thu, who will ensure the donations get to children in need.

A brochure about road safety, designed by students Angus and Ethan.

One of five Core Values foundational to our mission statement - preparing students to live purposeful lives, Dedicated Service is perhaps more important than ever as we face numerous global challenges. 

“The goal of our MS Advisory program is to help students successfully navigate their middle school years and beyond. During their current advisory unit on service learning, students have channeled their skills and interests and moved through the five stages of service learning to effect positive change in their worlds,” says MS Dean of Students Roxanne Amor-Ross.

We are excited to follow these initiatives and will continue to keep our community updated on our students’ progress!

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