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Summer Internships Offer SSIS Students a Competitive Edge 

Summer Internships Offer SSIS Students a Competitive Edge 
Tanya Olander

A high school internship can be a life-changing experience that opens doors to future opportunities and personal growth. Students like Mia and Juniper are embracing the SSIS Summer Internship Program and the unique opportunity to do internships in high school.

Although you might not have had the chance to intern at a business or company in high school, you may remember an experience that you later realized was pivotal in your life. 

The experiences that students gain from internships can have that type of impact. In addition to giving them confidence, and connections outside of school, internships can motivate students academically, provide clarity about their professional pursuits, and help set them apart in university applications.

Building the Next Generation

Summer internships directly contribute to building the next generation, and are an impactful way that business owners and industry-leading professionals can help students set themselves apart in today’s competitive market.

“We are grateful to the companies, many from within our own community, who are willing to offer this incredible opportunity to our students. It has already had a huge impact on the students who have participated," says Head of School Dr. Catriona Moran. “More than 40 SSIS high school students have benefitted from the SSIS Summer Internship Program since it's inception in 2018."

The advantages of internships are numerous. The SSIS Summer Internship Program has run since 2018.

In previous years, students have excelled in entry-level tasks such as writing articles, designing marketing materials, synthesizing market research, and assisting managers in various fields, including law, medicine & health, media & journalism, insurance, hospitality, and engineering.

Internships Grow Skills

Reflecting on her internship last year at the worldwide consulting company Dale Carnegie, Grade 12 student Mia shares how diverse and supportive the environment was and how she was able to draw on her experiences in social sciences and writing research papers.

"I never expected to have access to internships during high school," Mia continues, adding that students who are concerned that their skillset is not enough shouldn't worry. They will feel themselves grow throughout the internship.

two young women seated at a table

Mia, at left, with a coworker during her time Dale Carnegie, where she felt very supported by the team (see cover image, above.)

Preparing for Internship Interviews

High school senior Juniper learned through Facebook scholarship and studying abroad groups that internship experience is beneficial when applying to US universities. She chose to highlight her experiences in the SSIS debate club and Model United Nations (MUN) in her resume. "You have to have something that shows that you are a responsible person," she shares.

Before her internship at Phu Hung Life, Juniper spent time researching the company and the industry so that she would be prepared to discuss in her interview how she might bring value during an internship.

Internships Offer Invaluable Experiences

As SSIS prepares for this summer’s internships, more students than ever are waiting to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. We hope to be able to offer all of the students that apply the same invaluable experiences that Mia and Juniper had at their internships. 

We are grateful for the many parents and community members who are already offering incredible internship opportunities in investment banking, hospitality, pharmaceutical marketing, manufacturing, and sports management, this summer. 

We look forward to hearing from even more of you and welcome inquiries for information on hosting an SSIS intern before April 3, 2023, to Head of School Assistant Oanh Dao ( 

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