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Riverside Clean Up Gives Grade 11 New Perspective

Riverside Clean Up Gives Grade 11 New Perspective
Tanya Olander

Grade 11 students from Saigon South International School recently set out on a unique voyage. Ferried in boats during two shifts, more than 100 students engaged in a Rạch Đỉa riverside cleanup, deepening their connection to their neighborhood and their awareness of the role each individual plays in larger environmental issues. 

“I hope this is the first of many such efforts,” Head of School Dr. Catriona Moran told students before boarding the boat to work with them side-by-side.

Students worked together to gather waste from the water.

The activity, which also tied in with a session about microplastics from the previous week, gave students an opportunity to experience their campus from another perspective and immerse themselves in the local ecosystem.

In the smaller boats, it was possible to get closer to the shore. Using tongs and nets, students were able to collect several kilos of items.

Although this was the first time for this effort, part of the school’s “Week Without Walls” initiative which takes SSIS students beyond the classroom for tangible, real-world experiences focusing on service, the positive feedback from all about the river clean-up indicates that it won’t be the last time.

“I think we should do this more often,” Grade 11 student Olivia shared, embodying the enthusiasm of the group to contribute meaningfully and exhibiting the Core Value of “Dedicated Service,” a cornerstone of the SSIS philosophy.

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