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Grade 2 Students' Drum Circle Prepares to Mark a Milestone

Grade 2 Students' Drum Circle Prepares to Mark a Milestone
Tanya Olander

In preparation for the year-end celebration grade 2 students will hold for their graduating grade 12 buddies, they are learning how to drum - and gaining other skills along the way. 

Beyond rhythmic skills, a necessary component for any musician along with melody and harmony, grade 2 students are learning about building community and how people in various cultures celebrate with music, instruments, and dance. 

In his class, Mr. Minasz is preparing grade 2 for their upcoming performance.

And the students are excited to celebrate their grade 12 buddies with a musical performance of their own. Drums are a perfect instrument, as all can perform at some level, and playing in a drum circle with classmates builds confidence as they play along with others.  

“When playing together, they're speaking a language all can understand. Drum circles help build community,” shares music teacher, Mr. Minasz. It is inclusive, everyone can do it, and it gives students a chance to express themselves without verbal communication

Grade 2 students listen attentively as they practice the piece they will perform for their grade 12 buddies.

Enthusiastically, the students tap the tight surfaces of the drums, noting the different sounds the drums, ranging in size and shape, emit. When Mr. Minasz gives the signal, the children excitedly change places to experience another drum and play the various rhythms assigned to them. 

“The bigger the drum, the more popular it is,” notes Mr. Minasz. 

Students rotate so that they get a chance to experience different drums, sounds and rhythms. 

Putting a beat to a poem, students will continue to refine the piece before their big performance in a few weeks. Judging from their enthusiastic feedback, “I love drums!”, ”Drumming is fun. It's loud!” they’ll be ready!


Thank you to Peter Minasz who contributed to this story!

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