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Building a Better Me: Grade 2 Sets Goals for Health and Wellness

Building a Better Me: Grade 2 Sets Goals for Health and Wellness
Tanya Olander

Grade 2 students, empowered by their “Building a Better Me” SuperUnit, are not just mastering personal goal-setting and healthy living but are spreading their newfound knowledge and impacting peers beyond their grade level! 

What’s important about me? How can I take care of my mind and body? How can my choices help me improve myself? Those are just some of the questions that students in Grade 2 asked themselves during the first quarter as part of their “Building a Better Me” SuperUnit. 

Time to Explore 

As with all of the four SuperUnits that make up the school year for our Elementary School students, “Building a Better Me” ran for the entire quarter, providing our students the time to dive deep, exploring a theme from multiple angles. 

Grade 2 students delighted in sharing what they had learned with their Grade 1 friends at the Grade 2 Health and Wellness Fair.

This time, the vibrant mix of interactive learning and real-world experiences included a visit from a local dentist, an excursion to a meditation center, and an opportunity to share healthy tips during the Health and Wellness Fair with Grade 1 as their audience! 

Hands-On Practice

Even days before dentist Dr. Philippe Guettier was scheduled to come and teach the students about dental hygiene, students compiled a list of questions and reflected on what they already knew

“When you have a wiggly tooth, it will come off sooner or later. When you lose a tooth, a fairy will come to take it,” one student shared. And many students were curious about why we have to brush our teeth at all. 

Dr. Guettier holds a tooth-shaped mirror for a student as she practices brushing her teeth.

In addition to addressing our curious students' questions, Dr. Guettier invited students up to practice proper tooth-brushing techniques.

A Sound Mind and Body

As part of the SuperUnit, Grade 2 also went on a mini-wellness retreat to practice yoga, meditation, and mindfulness (also pictured in the cover image). Besides exposing students to a world outside of the school, off-campus excursions let students build on classroom instruction and let them put into practice what they are learning.

Grade 2 students enjoyed their experience at the mini-wellness retreat.

A Community of Wellness

As part of all of this wonderful learning about how to “Build a Better Me,” Grade 2 students hosted a Health and Wellness Fair for Grade 1, to present what they'd learned. With yet another opportunity to solidify their knowledge, Grade 2 also nurtured their skills in public speaking and, perhaps most importantly, discovered the joy of fostering a community of wellness!



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