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Small Team, Big Impact: SSIS Swimmers Receive "Most Effective" Award

Small Team, Big Impact: SSIS Swimmers Receive "Most Effective" Award
Tanya Olander

It’s certainly been a busy month for our swimmers, several of who have traveled internationally to make waves for SSIS! 

As the smallest team of 13 participating schools, our resilient swimmers made a huge splash at the last swim meet of the school year at last weekend’s invitational meet at ISHCMC. The cover picture, above, shows all of the SSIS swimmers at the meet.

Representing our elementary, middle, and high school divisions, our 22 swimmers accumulated the most points per swimmer of all 13 schools, earning SSIS the “Most Effective” award. And that's just a week after several of our swimmers competed at SEASAC in Bangkok, Thailand!

A few of the swimmers that competed in Bangkok join coach Elizabeth Davenport in a fist bump. 

Awarded for Highest Points Scored Per Swimmer!

The “Most Effective” award recognizes the team with the highest points scored per swimmer. It is truly a testament to our students’ skill, resilience, and determination, the quality of our swim program, and the outstanding guidance of our swim coaches.

SSIS Swimmer huddle with Coach Goldstein at the ISHCMC Invitational where they won the "Most Effective" award.

“I was so impressed with the swimmers! And also from watching how coach Goldstein took such a good care of all the swimmers, knowing exactly what to say to support them during this long weekend of competing,“ shares parent Anastasia.

In addition to the team’s recognition, swimmer Andy deserves special praise for his commendable third-place finish in his age group. Suffice it to say that the swim parent chat was buzzing with excitement, a show of the pride felt in our supportive community. 

Middle School Swimmers Represent SSIS Internationally

For 12 middle school swimmers, this was the second weekend meet in a row! Last weekend they attended the SEASAC Jr. Swim Meet in Bangkok, Thailand, where they took on some of the most competitive schools in the region.

Once again, congratulations to all our swimmers - your spirit and dedication are commendable. This performance speaks volumes about our commitment to nurturing athletic talent, fostering teamwork, and promoting our swim program. 

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