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After-School Activities


The SSIS Vex robotics team competing in a gymnasium

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Student Life

Our rich after-school activities offerings (ASAs) let students make essential connections outside of the classroom, providing an important outlet to deepen social bonds and stimulate new thinking and connections.

After-School Activities

Each semester offers a diverse selection of activities for students in Early Childhood - Grade 5. From dance to drama, robotics, chess, or martial arts, students grow in new ways. Intellectually, emotionally, and physically they build their Sense of Self and grow to understand the importance of Balance in Life.

Core Values

Students fold colorful paper
A young book plays with legos
A group of students do yoga on the floor
A young girl builds something out of cardboard in a room full of tools
A student building a house foundation with bricks in the countryside


In clubs like the Global Issues Network, older students engage in Dedicated Service and develop essential communication and leadership skills in greater community-based projects.

And in the Student Council, students have the opportunity to learn how to affect change closer to them, campaigning to earn a voice for their classmates and peers.

Academic Teams

For grades 6 - 12, academic teams provide an option for students to join others passionate about the same subjects and deepen their skills and connections. 

Though teams may vary from year to year, students have enjoyed such teams as Mathletes, a mathematics club, that competes in local and international competitions. Or Model United Nations (MUN) which trains young people in the essential skill of understanding and representing multiple and diverse opinions.

A student sits at a desk next to a table card with a USA flag

Model United Nations

A girl stands on stage delivering a TED talk

TedX Youth at SSIS

A row of students hold trophies and certificates

Debate Club

Students debate with a timer on a screen behind them

Debate Club

A team photo of students holding certificates

Middle School Mathletes