How to Use SeeSaw

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How to Use SeeSaw
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Login to SeeSaw

Seesaw is an interactive learning platform used only in our elementary school. It has two parts: Seesaw Family and Seesaw Class. 

Parents use Seesaw Family to

  • view work uploaded by your child and keep up to date with their learning
  • comment on your child’s work
  • communicate with your child’s teacher

Teachers use Seesaw Class to

  • create activities, tasks, and assignments for students
  • communicate with parents

Students use Seesaw Class to

  • share their work with their teachers
  • share what they have learned with their families (through photos, videos, drawings, or text) 
  • track their progress over time, all the way through elementary school

This video explains the Seesaw Family app in more detail. 

Click here for a tour of the Seesaw Class app.

Accessing SeeSaw

Your child’s teacher has shared your Seesaw Family login details with you. Click here for details about installing the Seesaw app. Please contact your child’s teacher if you cannot access Seesaw. 

Email Notifications
You can select the frequency of your email notifications from Seesaw in the Account Settings:


Saving Your Child’s Work
You can download an archive of your child’s Seesaw journal — including images, videos, audio recordings, and text. Follow this link for instructions

Questions about Seesaw?
Click here to go to Seesaw’s Help page

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