Grades 4 and 5 Laptop Requirement

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Grades 4 and 5 Laptop Requirement
Elisia Brodeur

Dear Parents of Future Grade 4 and 5 Students,

At SSIS, technology is integrated seamlessly into our students' learning journey. Our approach allows students to engage with technology naturally, using it as a tool to enhance their learning when necessary.

From the earliest stages of their education, our youngest learners, from Kindergarten through Grade 5, become proficient in using the Seesaw platform. This innovative tool allows them to share their learning journey, making it visible through various digital creations. Whether students are animating stories with green screen technologies, programming robots, crafting 3D models, or bringing complex concepts to life in virtual formats during our Super Units, your children are not just learning with technology, they are using technology as creators, thinkers, and innovators.

We also prioritize teaching Digital Citizenship from the beginning to make sure your children understand how important it is to use technology responsibly, safely, and ethically. This will prepare them to navigate their digital worlds with confidence and integrity.

Your children will use the following technology tools at SSIS: 

  • In Kindergarten to Grade 3, SSIS provides iPads for class use. This gives students access to the latest educational technologies without additional cost to you. 

  • Starting in Grade 4, students are required to bring their own Apple MacBook laptop computer to school. This supports students’ growing need for more advanced computing capabilities as they progress through their educational journey.

This is a friendly reminder that Grade 4 students (and above) will need to bring an Apple MacBook laptop to school each day. This ensures students have the tools they need to fully engage in their learning at SSIS.

SSIS laptop requirements are as follows:  

  • All Apple MacBook laptops must satisfy SSIS network and classroom requirements. You can buy an Apple MacBook laptop at Futureworld Vietnam or any other reputable retailer. (We strongly recommend purchasing from an Apple Authorized retailer.) 

  • Used Apple MacBook laptops need to be able to run the latest macOS 14.x operating system.

  • SSIS recommends 512GB SSD storage (256GB at the minimum).

  • We strongly recommend that you buy a separate carrying case or hardcover to prevent accidental damage.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at


Melanie Sylvester
Elementary School Principal

Danai Maramba
ES Instructional Coach for Technology

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