March 18-22: AP and IB Mock Exams

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March 18-22: AP and IB Mock Exams
Elisia Brodeur

The week of March 18-22, high school students who are registered for either AP or IB courses will take mock exams. These “mocks” are intended to help students prepare for the exam-like conditions they will experience with their formal exams, which are scheduled from April 24 to May 17.

Before the Tet holiday, students taking an AP or IB exam received information about the dates and times of their mock exams. We will send the students a reminder email with their exam schedule next week.

While these exams can count for a grade, we urge students to see these mock exams as a chance to practice applying themselves in an environment similar to the one they will face in their actual AP or IB exams. Teachers will give feedback on the exams that students can use to guide their study plans as they prepare for their actual AP and IB exams. 

There are several rules that students need to be aware of to be successful in their mock exams. Students must review the exam notification email to make sure they understand these expectations.

Attendance Expectations 

  • AP students will follow their regular schedule March 18-22 except as follows:

    • AP students who have a morning exam are excused from Advisory and Block 4 the day before their scheduled exam. 

    • AP students who have an afternoon exam are excused from Blocks 1, 2, and 3 on the day of their exam. 

    • Students must otherwise attend their regular classes to limit losing instructional time in other courses.

  • Grade 12 IB students are not expected to attend any classes the week of March 18-22. Grade 12 IB students will attend school only on the days they have exams. 

  • For all students, regular classes will resume Monday, March 25

Exam Preparation Tips

  • Routine: One of the most important things students can do leading up to these exams is to maintain their normal routine. Of course, it is important that they prioritize sleep, good nutrition, and exercise with a balanced study plan.

  • Managing stress: In Advisory lessons, high school students have been learning about ways to reduce stress, such as breathing and mindfulness exercises. These techniques can help students to manage the emotions that come with an intense assessment week.

  • Study plan: For students to be most successful, it is also important for them to create a study schedule that prioritizes the knowledge or skills that their teachers indicated in their feedback. 

  • Additional help: If students need additional support or guidance from their teachers, they should arrange to meet their teachers during appropriate times and set goals based on their teachers’ specific input.

The HS Leadership Team would like our community to view these mock exams as a vital step in our students’ journey toward academic success. Mock exams are an opportunity for students to refine their strategies, deepen their understanding, and improve their learning. 

Here’s to a successful mock exam experience for all of our high school students!

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