Please refer to the school year calendar when planning vacations or other absences to avoid unnecessary interference with student learning. For further questions, you can contact your divisional offices ( esoffice@ssis.edu.vn | msoffice@ssis.edu.vn | hsattendance@ssis.edu.vn ).

Absence Due to Illness

You do not need to call the school if your child is home due to illness. Simply click the link below to notify your child’s divisional office and the health office. 

Report Absence in Elementary School

Report Absence in Middle School

Report Absence in High School

Planned Personal Absence

If your child will miss future school days due to a planned absence, you must first request permission for this from your child’s principal. Simply click on the link below to request an absence.

Request Absence in Elementary School

Request Absence in Middle School

Request Absence in High School

You can review our absence policies in our divisional handbooks: Elementary School Handbook, Middle School Handbook, High School Handbook.