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The SSIS Difference


A girl draws galaxies on a white board

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Our School

Our mission is to unleash your child’s full potential. To do that, we hire the best educators and provide the most inspiring and modern learning environments. When your child’s true sense of wonderment and curiosity is ignited, they will learn with passion. When they learn with passion, they will live with purpose. Head of School, Dr. Catriona Moran

Learn with Passion. Live with Purpose.

Not for Profit = All for Students

SSIS is the only PreK-12 school in Ho Chi Minh City based on a not-for-profit model.

This means that 100% of your tuition goes towards your child’s learning experience. We invest in the latest technology, the most experienced educators and the innovative state-of-the art learning environments.

Experienced Teachers Thrive at SSIS

SSIS has a great reputation among educational professionals, and we are proud to say that we attract the best teachers. Members of our faculty average 16 years of experience as educators, and more than 70% have master's degrees. And they’re dedicated to our students, staying over 4 years on average.

Meet our Teachers

A teacher holds a lizard and a student reaches out to pet it while other students watch.

Awarding-Winning Facilities in a Green Oasis

Our 60,000 sq.m. campus is the largest and greenest in Ho Chi Minh City. Among lush gardens with tropical plants, you'll find innovative student-centric facilities that promote teaching and learning at every step.

Whether learning how to code a new robot in our design labs or how to master a midfield kick on one of our three full soccer fields, our expansive campus inspires curiosity and growth.

A high school girl smiles while working on her laptop in class
Young students play in a playground and a boy rides a bicycle
A girl does a handstand on a mat inside a gymnasium while other students watch
A teenage girl wearing an SSIS jersey runs on an outdoor track

Well-being from the Inside Out

At SSIS, students are supported by four dedicated social-emotional counselors and a full-time school psychologist. Wellness is woven into the fabric of our curriculum.

A sense of wellbeing allows students to realize their full potential, and increases their motivation, resilience, and their sense of self.

Wellness at SSIS