Middle School GIN Club Outfits Local School with New Library

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Middle School GIN Club Outfits Local School with New Library
From bake sales to selling poinsettias, the Middle School Global Initiatives Network, i.e. “GIN” club, is passionate about finding new ways to raise money for the local charities that they support. 

Through the GIN club, students learn to lead initiatives that will have an impact on our communities and to engage their passions for local, and global issues. With very few exceptions, they commit to participating for the full year, and the interest is clear - since last year, the membership has doubled in size to almost 30 students!

GIN Club members from this year and last participated in the trip to Hoa Phu B Primary School in Long Ho District

Recently the GIN club headed to Vinh Long Province with club leaders, Erin Johnson and Abby Morgan, both middle school teachers at SSIS, to set up a classroom library through The Library Project, one of the three charities that they support.

GIN club leaders, Erin Johnson and Abby Morgan pose with a few of the 1,000 books that are a part of the new library.

“After several months of raising funds for the library, our students had a chance to witness first-hand the impact it has in the classroom,” says Ms. Johnson. “When we entered the school that morning, we counted a total of 4 books. When we left, there were over 1,000! I’m so proud of the commitment our students have made to make our local community better.”
After the shelving was set-up, books were stamped and organized, SSIS middle schoolers lead the local students in games and STEM activities - clearly to the enjoyment of all. 

SSIS students enjoyed teaching STEM activities to the students from the local school.

And now, when our students plan their next fundraising initiatives, they have a clear vision and understanding of the impact their work has on our communities. 

Eager readers, the students at Hoa Phu B Primary School in Long Ho District now have more than 1,000 books to choose from in their new library.

Way to go, Dragons! Live to give!

Author: Tanya Olander
Communications Officer


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