A Day at the Landfill - Students Learn About Their Impact on the Environment

  • Middle School
A Day at the Landfill - Students Learn About Their Impact on the Environment

Where does our waste actually go and what is our personal impact? To launch their “Watersheds and Waste” Science class unit, grade 7 students paid a visit to Da Phuoc Landfill in Binh Chan District to find out. 

Already at the gates of Da Phuoc Landfill, SSIS 7th graders got a first-hand glimpse of what happens to the waste we generate, as 30 trucks lined up to leave rubbish at Vietnam Waste Solutions (VWS). “They sure do get a lot of trash every day!” exclaimed student, Holly.

While at VWS the students met with the Executive Director who explained the waste treatment process. Students learned about the complex engineering techniques needed to prevent waste from reaching our environment and to reduce rainwater absorption. “The process of cleaning the water is very long and complicated,” said seventh-grader Minh, as the students were guided through the plant.

“The surprise of the massive mountain of trash the landfill covers can only be comprehended by having this experience,” says teacher Ryan Butz. 

The students’ visit, which even caught the attention of the Vietnamese newspaper, Thanh Nien, will hopefully help them realize the effect of consumption on the environment, and to think about their own waste habits. After all, “Respect for All”, a core value at SSIS, includes respecting the environment and recognizing the impact we have on it. 

Author: Tanya Olander
Communications Officer


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