Students Start Market to Nurture Student Entrepreneurs

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Students Start Market to Nurture Student Entrepreneurs

We all know that it’s often the first step that is the hardest! And yet, more than ever, being able to take the initiative to develop an idea, design it, and execute it, is a crucial skill.

Recently, fifteen of our high school students proved that they have clearly mastered that first step and more, when they came together to sell and promote the products they’d developed, at the first annual Dragon Market. 

First-time entrepreneur, Ariel, collects payment for another batch of the stickers she designed.

For some students, it was their very first experience as entrepreneurs, while others were excited to find a broader audience. They all worked hard to be ready for the day, but they didn’t have to do it alone! 

Building & Practicing Entrepreneurial Skills

Long before the event took place, facilitator and founder, Grade 11 student Kaitlin had been hard at work with the members of the team she had assembled. Their purpose - to support and encourage student entrepreneurs and organize and promote the Dragon Market. 

Dragon Market team. From left to right: Lam, G11, SoYoung, G11, Kaitlin, G11, Andrew, G11, and Angel, G12. Not pictured, Lindsey, G11, and Juniper, G10. 

“We reached out to our student body, searching for students who had a passion for business, and welcomed them to a Dragon Market workshop. We wanted to share our experiences of building a brand and developing products. And then, through the Dragon Market event, give them a platform for real-life experience” Kaitlin shared. 
As the team knew that there is so much initiative and creativity among our students already, they also reached out to existing student-entrepreneurs to see if they wanted to participate.
Grade 11 student Jake, who has been doing woodwork for the past four years, recently decided to try his hand at jewelry. Primarily sourcing materials from scrap materials, the Dragon Market allowed Jake to share his creations with a new audience. 

Jake prepares his table while a video documenting his creative process plays on a laptop in the foreground.

Ariel, a printmaking student, noticed a growing trend in stickers this year. She looked at her art and thought it would work well as stickers, using the Dragon Market to gauge interest.

Students Onjee and Genki, Grade 10, put a creative spin on anime, making anime-inspired jewelry with the names of famous characters and baking anime-inspired cakes and cookies from some of their favorite stories. 

Encouraged to Try, Students Reach Out

Seeing the success of the event even more students are already asking when the next Dragon Market will be held, which is exactly what Kaitlin and her team hoped would happen. 
“It’s our mission to build a platform that inspires students to become the new generation of entrepreneurs,” says Kaitlin. 
This rapidly developing entrepreneurial network reflects the value that our school places on student agency and student-led initiatives. And we know that with the enthusiasm and creativity of our students there’s no limit to how far they will go.

Author: Tanya Olander
Communications Officer


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