SSIS Senior First Student in Vietnam to be Published in the Concord Review

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SSIS Senior First Student in Vietnam to be Published in the Concord Review

We are excited and proud to announce that SSIS Senior, Vo ('20), just became the first-ever student in Vietnam to be published in one of the most prestigious journals in the world for secondary academic writing.

Publication in the Concord Review, a quarterly journal that promotes high school scholarly research, is widely regarded as a high honor and a significant academic achievement. According to The New York Times, Harvard's Dean of Admissions says that he keeps issues at hand to inspire applicants. Harvard considers publication in the Concord Review as "something that's impressive," the Times reports, like winning a national math competition.

In the latest issue of the Concord Review, Vo's research paper, "Ming Occupation of Vietnam: How Malice and Mistakes Saved a Nation" was selected as one of only 11 submissions to be published. "I first became interested in history in second grade," Vo shares, the passion for his subject evident as he discusses his article.

A gracious and thoughtful young man, Vo's first note upon receiving the news about his tremendous accomplishment was to Head of School, Dr. Catriona Moran, thanking her for the support that SSIS provided during the most critical period of his writing in July and August.

"We are all excited to celebrate this incredible accomplishment with Vo," says Dr. Moran. "It is a testament to his hard work and dedication, as well as the ease at which he was able to transition into a new academic environment in this critical last year of high school."

Vo, who was accepted to SSIS over the summer shares how the transition to the curriculum was nearly seamless from his school in the US. And, smiling, he adds "I had not expected the students, who are so ambitious, to be as open and friendly as what I was used to in the States. But they are."

Well, we are delighted for our new Dragon, Vo. Congratulations on your fantastic achievement!


The Concord Review was founded in 1987 to recognize and publish exemplary history essays and remains the only quarterly journal in the world to publish the academic history papers of secondary students. Learn more at

Author: Tanya Olander
Communications Officer


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