SSIS Makes VEX Robotics History in Vietnam

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SSIS Makes VEX Robotics History in Vietnam

On Saturday, January 18, history was made at SSIS when we became the first school ever to host a VEX Robotics Competition in Vietnam. 

Eight robotics teams convened in our High School gym for the first-ever VEX Robotics Competition in Vietnam

Head of School, Dr. Catriona Moran welcomes the eight teams to SSIS for the first-ever VEX Robotics competition to be held in Vietnam.

The teams, stemming from four international schools in Vietnam - SSIS, ISHCMC, ISHCMC AA, and Concordia International School of Hanoi, were competing for a coveted spot at the largest robotics competition in the world - the VEX World Championship, which takes place in Louisville, Kentucky (USA) later this year. 

SSIS Team 76209G gleefully cheer as they succeed in a difficult maneuver. Their partnering ally, Concordia International School of Hanoi focuses on their robot, as Evan Weinberg looks on from behind.

"This historic event could not have happened without the dedication and persistence of one person - Evan Weinberg, our Secondary STEM Coordinator," says Head of School, Dr. Catriona Moran.

"Bringing the VEX Robotics Competition to Vietnam is a great accomplishment and a perfect example of how SSIS is creating the very best opportunities for students, not just at SSIS but in the nation," Dr. Moran continues. 

Rookie team SSIS 76209S had an impressive start. Here two members of the team strategize during a match.

If you think that robotics is just something for students who are good at math or engineering, Mr. Weinberg wants you to know that there is nothing further from the truth.

"More than just building a robot, VEX is about collaboration," says Mr. Weinberg, his nearly 20-year passion for competitive robotics, is visible. “Robotics is about building with your hands, planning strategy, and testing ideas to see what works," he tells us.

Between matches, team 76209X makes a few minor adjustments to their robot.​​​​

During the thrilling, fast-paced two-minute matches, these skills are clearly on display. Alliances are created by two teams partnering to race their robots against another alliance to stack as many colored cubes as possible in a designated area.  

SSIS team 76209G receives the “Excellence Award,” in April they will attend the VEX World Championship in Louisville, Kentucky in the US.

And this year, closing out this historic event, we couldn’t be prouder of SSIS and SSIS team 76209G, who won the “Excellence Award,” securing their invitation to the VEX World Championship in Louisville, Kentucky, USA!

Go Dragons!

Author: Tanya Olander
Communications Officer


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