Robotics Class and STUCO Collaborate to Bring the Scare to Halloween

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Robotics Class and STUCO Collaborate to Bring the Scare to Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means pumpkins, ghosts and...advanced automation?

Yes, exactly. At least when our High School Robotics students join forces with the High School Service Council to create a thrilling Halloween experience for our community!

With the goal of building systems that can respond and move on their own, the students in the Advanced Automation class focus on robotics coupled with higher-level programming. And they’ve worked closely together to come up with creative ways to apply their skills, says teacher, Evan Weinberg, who emphasizes the hard work that has gone into designing advanced automation. 

A 3D printed hand, still missing digits, sits on top of the workspace in the Robotics class.


Students offer up help to each other as they build their advanced automation projects.

“Designing reliable advanced automation requires a deep foundational knowledge of how to break down the states of automation, and above all, understanding how to manage those states,” he explains, just before a student sees him to work through the steps of the project he’s building.

Understanding how to manage the automation states is an important part of the process.

It is nothing short of thrilling, to see how enthusiastic these high school students are to put their knowledge and skills to direct use. We can’t wait for you to experience how it all comes alive! But a few things, we are reminded, will have to have to wait for their big reveal on Halloween!

A student tests the motion sensor as we attempt to sneak a peek. I guess we'll have to wait for Halloween!


Author: Tanya Olander
Communications Officer


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