Mai, Grade 9, Reflects on a "Week Without Walls"

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Mai, Grade 9, Reflects on a "Week Without Walls"
Digging a hole in nature for a toilet, not showering for two days and sleeping with mosquitoes as our only bunkmates. Those are just a few of the struggles that I and my grade 9 classmates face during our "Week Without Walls" in Qui Nhon. 

Bunking with 6 classmates, without air conditioners. And with only two fans between us. I stay awake until 1 am when the rain comes and cools down the room.

The following day, we camp in nature for two full nights. No fans, no lights, no proper toilets, and no showers. I decide bunk beds and dormitories are suddenly “the best and most luxurious thing ever”. 

When it comes to meals, we are only provided raw materials and have to cook our food from scratch by ourselves. At home, we all agree that we can sometimes be picky about food, “this food is not good” or “Nah, the food’s too plain.” But on this trip, we are very thankful for having food to eat even though it is not as tasty as home, or else we would all starve. 

After a week of bunking, camping and cooking in nature, this change in lifestyle has given us all a different perspective about the privileged support our parents provide us. Air conditioners and pleasant food extend far beyond basic human needs.

We should appreciate, value and be content with everything that we have.

- Mai, Grade 9

Author: Tanya Olander
Communications Officer


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