How We Guide Students Through the Largest HS Course Offering in Vietnam

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How We Guide Students Through the Largest HS Course Offering in Vietnam

In a little less than a month, our high school students will register their course selections for the 2021-2022 school year! It’s an exciting time with a lot to be taken into consideration. With so many choices available to our students, it’s no wonder it can feel like a daunting task at times. Fortunately, at SSIS there is a significant support structure to help guide them through the course selection process. 

Kicking off the course selection “season,” the High School faculty holds two assemblies. One for Grade 9 students and one for Grade 10 & 11 students. The purpose of the assemblies is to introduce students to all of the course options available to them. From AP, IB, and our college preparatory courses, students have the options they need to prepare them for whatever their plans are after graduation. 

High School Principal, Jennifer Mendes, addresses a student's questions during the High School Course Selection Fair.

This year, in addition to the course selection assemblies, we introduced a High School Course Selection Fair. “What’s great about this format,” says High School Principal, Ms. Jennifer Mendes, “is that it gives students a social and casual opportunity to speak with the teachers and department heads, directly. They can get specific insights into the various courses and learn more about what to expect in class.” 

During the High School Course Selection Fair, Grade 10 student, Victoria, approaches Math teacher, John Flanagan, to ask if it is possible to take both AP Stats and Pre-Calculus next year. It is. “I want to go into finance after high school, so this is really important to me,” she shares. 

With a strong interest in STEM and programming, Grade 9 student, Justine, asks Evan Weinberg, HS STEM Coordinator about the workload in the app development class and if there's any overlap with another course she's considering.

Fortunately for Victoria and our other students, when it comes to High School courses, SSIS offers an incredibly broad range of course options. As an example, a Grade 11 student looking to study English has eight different course options to choose between, including AP English Language & Composition, IB English A Language/Literature SL or HL, Introduction to Creative Writing & Genre Study, World Literature, and Academic Writing.

By expanding course offerings, SSIS ensures that students are provided with the opportunities they are looking for, and prepared for university studies anywhere in the world. However, with such a broad range of courses to choose from, it becomes even more essential that they understand their options and feel comfortable and confident in the choices they make

One of two full-time University Guidance Counselors, Sam Jeong, works hard to make himself available to his students whenever they need advice or information.

Foundational in this support is our High Counseling and University Guidance Office. “We love working with high school students in all grade levels to find, develop, and refine their four-year plans to match their post-secondary goals,” says University Guidance Counselor, Sam Jeong. 

With the guidance from their dedicated counselors, the High School Course Selection Fair, and the grade-level assemblies, students have lots of support. 

Finally, Principal Mendes shares three things that students need to consider when choosing their courses:

  • Personal Interests: Students always do best when they are taking classes that they are interested in.  
  • Balance in Life: Ensuring that they are seeking appropriate challenges that will allow them to pursue the activities outside of their traditional schedule, such as athletics, playing an instrument or volunteering.
  • Graduation Requirements: Naturally, students must also make sure that they are on track to graduate. 

Whatever they choose, our Dragons will be off to great universities all over the world, just like the Dragons before them. 

Author: Tanya Olander
Communications Officer


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