High School Junior Opens First-Ever Chapter of “Elevate the Future” in Vietnam

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High School Junior Opens First-Ever Chapter of “Elevate the Future” in Vietnam

While this has been a challenging year in many ways, it hasn’t stopped high school junior, Lindsey, from discovering a new passion: entrepreneurship. 

As the founder and president of the first-ever Vietnam chapter of “Elevate the Future,” a worldwide organization where students teach peers about computer science and entrepreneurship, Lindsey is determined to share her passion with share with others and open the new “Elevate the Future” Vietnam chapter to as many students as possible.

This fall break, from October 11 - October 14, “Elevate the Future: Chapter Vietnam” will host a computer science workshop. The workshop will teach students about HTML and CSS and is open to all SSIS middle and high schoolers. During the workshop, students will have a unique opportunity to gain critical hands-on experience and exposure to digital entrepreneurship outside of the classroom.

This will be the second workshop hosted by the new chapter of “Elevate the Future.” This past August they held a virtual business workshop introducing participants to everything from the basic concept of supply and demand to strategies on how to make a business plan. The workshop also featured prominent young entrepreneurs as guest speakers and culminated in a pitch deck from each team.

“The activities were really creative and the group project was a fun way to work with new people. I especially enjoyed the Kahoot games,” says grade 9 student, Anna K., who attended the business workshop.

Promotional Instagram post for the first event held by "Elevate the Future: Chapter Vietnam," this past August (2020).

“Some people might think this is only for those who already know about computers and business, but that’s not true,” says Lindsey. “This time last year, I barely knew how to spell ‘entrepreneurship’,” she jokes. “I want to create opportunities for students in my community to learn about entrepreneurship, by providing summits and competitions in our region. I am really excited about what will happen in the future.”

Spoken like a true entrepreneur. And we are excited too, Lindsey! Thank you, to you and your team at “Elevate the Future: Chapter Vietnam” for providing our student community with this opportunity*.

*Students who wish to sign-up for the event October 11 - 14, can use the following link:
[Sign-Up Form] Elevate the Future, Computer Science Workshop, October 11 - 14

Author: Tanya Olander
Communications Officer


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