High School Clubs - Opportunities to Grow and Excel

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High School Clubs - Opportunities to Grow and Excel

At the start of each school year, high school students at SSIS come together to share their passions and interests for various topics, as part of the annual High School Club Expo.

During the expo, each club works hard to raise awareness and share their goals and mission for the year, with the aim of recruiting new members. 

Students at this year's High School Club Expo speak to HS Principal Ms. Mendes.

Our twenty-nine, predominately student-led high school clubs are divided into three categories: academic & societies, service, and non-service clubs. The clubs are varied in nature and range from community service groups to visual and performing arts clubs, from media and publications to academic clubs and a national honor society. Although many of the clubs are open to anyone who is interested, others have specific criteria for membership. But with so many choices, there’s always an opportunity for students to try something they have never tried before.

Why Should High School Students Join a Club?

Certain benefits that may come spontaneously to mind are that clubs allow students to explore interests outside of the set curriculum. They’re also a vital component of university applications in many parts of the world. But there are several other benefits for students in joining a high school club. 

For one, clubs can provide valuable professional development insights. For example, if a student is interested in international relations, Model United Nations (MUN) can offer an insightful simulated experience. While students interested in environmental issues will find like-minded classmates in the Grassroots Club. And regardless of profession, the Debate Club will teach students to think on their feet and skillfully persuade and explain issues, among other things.  

Debate Club, pre-COVID 2019.

Clubs also offer students the unique opportunity of trying something new. Some may think that our VEX Robotics Club is only for students who are good at math or engineering, but it's not so. VEX is about collaboration, building something with your hands, planning strategy, and testing ideas to see what works. 

SSIS VEX Robotics club members last year during the 2019 VEX National Championship, hosted by SSIS.

By participating in service clubs, students learn about the rewarding work in serving others as they give back to the community in various ways. By doing so, students also develop their sense of Dedicated Service, a foundational element of an SSIS education, and one of our five Core Values

Video from last year's Ben Tre service club project.

Also, in high school clubs, students have a venue to engage in activities with peers with similar interests, forge friendships, and build social networks that will prepare them well for college, as will the critical leadership and communication skills that many clubs offer.

Providing Opportunities to Excel

But it’s not enough to have the clubs. Students also have to have time in their schedule to participate in the clubs, that is why we make sure club meeting times and sports practices do not overlap. We believe that it is essential to provide the students with an opportunity to excel in extra-curricular activities, academics, and athletics if they wish. And we are exceptionally proud of our clubs’ participation rates and how earnestly students work to create opportunities to practice the SSIS Core Values -  Balance in Life, Respect for All, Dedicated service, Sense of Self, and Academic Excellence, through their clubs. 

We can’t wait to share more stories about our high school clubs with you throughout the year. 

Go Dragons!

Author: Tanya Olander
Communications Officer


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