High School Celebrates Random Acts of Kindness with Rocks

  • High School

From holding the door open for someone to offering to sit with a classmate who is eating alone, small gestures can have a huge impact on others, and ourselves.

One way that High School counselor, Elizabeth Souba is helping students discover the effect that spreading kindness can have in our community is by introducing them to the project “Kindness Rocks,” which aims to show students how even small gestures can have a huge impact on others, and themselves.

The project which stems from the United States encourages people to decorate rocks with expressions of kindness and place them in random locations. 

The rocks, physical expressions of random acts of kindness, are meant to provide the finder with a kind thought, beautiful quote or words of support, and to let them know they are not alone. 

In addition, studies show that performing random acts of kindness increases a person’s sense of happiness, as it can promote gratitude, empathy, compassion and strengthen connections. 

And by strengthening our connections to each other, we strengthen our community. Now THAT rocks!


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