You Can Be the Change - Grade 1 Campus Rangers Take On the Environment!

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You Can Be the Change - Grade 1 Campus Rangers Take On the Environment!

Throughout our elementary division, students from Early Childhood through Grade 5 have been learning about sustainability thinking, studying the environment with a critical eye and a probing mind.  

As part of “Understanding Our Environment,” the third of four Super Units, i.e., the inquiry-based learning units that are at the foundation for all teaching and learning in our elementary school, students spend 10 weeks building a lasting understanding around themselves and the environment. 

For ten weeks, students build knowledge and understanding while exploring the Super Unit throughout their grade-levels.

Agents of Change

For Grade 1 students, this Super Unit means taking on the role of “Campus Rangers” as they follow their guiding question, “How can we help organisms thrive on our campus?” 

After conducting family interviews, reading together with partners, and gathering lots of information, Grade 1 Campus Rangers focus their efforts on creating a better habitat for butterflies and bees. Ideas sprout as the students realize that they can be agents of change. 

The students in Ms. Tiffany Filter's Grade 1 class discuss their proposal for improving the habitats of bees and butterflies on campus with Facilities Manager Chris Beanes and Team Lead for Grounds Maintenance, Vo Tuan Anh, as ES Principal Keller and Asst. ES Principal Mrs. Sylvester.

SSIS Facilities Manager Chris Beanes offers practical advice for students on conducting a study of the campus grounds during a visit to the class. He suggests that they focus on a small area - a great suggestion, as our campus spans 6,000 square meters!

Grade 1 students will bring awareness to the environment through their "Habitat Guardians" art installation. Here students make their clay and coconut sculptures that will decorate one of the school's gardens.

In Art class, teacher Nick Stonehouse integrates sustainability thinking and students create an art installation with biodegradable “Habitat Guardians” (see cover image). The sculptures, made out of clay and coconut mulch, will eventually get weathered and deteriorate back into the earth. 

We are so proud of our students who are learning that they have the power to become agents of change, while positively impacting the SSIS habitat for bees and butterflies and our environment!

A Grade 1 Campus Ranger outfitted with her official "Campus Ranger" badge, shares an observation with Ms. Filter while on a field trip to Tao Dan Park.


Author: Tanya Olander
Communications Officer


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