Third Grade SSIS Student Awarded in Citywide Literature Competition

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Third Grade SSIS Student Awarded in Citywide Literature Competition

“It was raining, and my Mom and I were about to sleep, and it just came into my head.” 

That is how Hay, a third-grader in Kristin Weiss' class shares what inspired him to write the poem that won him an award in the Poetry category at the citywide Children’s Literature Competition, “Hội thi Sáng tác Văn học cho Thiếu Nhi.” The competition was arranged in part by the Vietnamese children's magazine, Nhi Dong, where Hay's poem was also published.

See the English translation below.

Although admitting to being "nervous and scared," Hay hopes to stand on stage again to receive an award for his writing.

Hay began writing poetry last year, just around the time he started studying at SSIS. “On the school bus, my little brother would say a word and I would make up a poem about it,” Hay says, adding, “sometimes it rhymed, sometimes it didn't. It takes time.” 
Inspired by anything from everyday objects to places he travels, Hay says he enjoys writing poetry and stories in both English and Vietnamese and that he plans to continue writing.

Hay discusses a writing assignment with a classmate.

As we celebrate Hay’s achievements, we also celebrate his insights - “it takes time.” We can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!


Fall Raindrops, Please!  
Hay, SSIS, 3rd Grade

“Pitter-patter, pitter-patter
Fall raindrops, please!  
Make the trees greener,
fill our lakes and rivers.
Along the straight road, 
a rainbow of raincoats.
The city of Saigon,
sparkles from the rain.”

Author: Tanya Olander
Communications Officer


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