SeeSaw Opens Up the Classroom in a Brand New Way

  • Elementary School
SeeSaw Opens Up the Classroom in a Brand New Way

SeeSaw, an online learning journal, is opening up the classroom in a brand new way for parents of elementary school students at SSIS.

SeeSaw enables students to share work with parents, make recordings of themselves to reflect on their learning and let parents interact with their content with feedback and comments.

Students are coming up with various creative ways to record themselves and their projects for parents to see and comment on, and they've become very creative in finding quiet spaces in and near the classroom to make their reflections. 

SeeSaw is also a very useful tool for our elementary school teachers, who can comment on student's work individually, communicate with parents privately and even use SeeSaw to communicate with all parents in the class, at once. 

We are very excited about the capability that SeeSaw has to create more ways to celebrate and encourage parent involvement with students.


Author: Tanya Olander
Communications Officer


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