Celebrated Author and Wildlife Photographer, Dr. Mike Leach Visits SSIS

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Celebrated Author and Wildlife Photographer, Dr. Mike Leach Visits SSIS

When is the last time you had a chance to meet someone who is friends with a gorilla and has photographed polar bears? For our students, it was just recently!

During a week-long visit to our campus, celebrated author, photographer, and "wildlife humorist," Dr. Michael Leach, captivated our SSIS community with stories from his vast experience photographing wildlife around the world.

Published in more than 1,000 books and the author of 35 books of his own, Dr. Leach's career has included photographing polar bears in the isolated expanse of the Arctic to befriending gorillas in the high mountains of Rwanda.

Our youngest students listened attentively, as Dr. Leach explains how to make friends with a gorilla.

"We felt that his unique perspective as an author and wildlife photographer would be great for our [elementary school] students," says SSIS Elementary School librarian Lara Keller, who works closely with teachers to find the best resources to support their units. "The [elementary] students were launching their third Super Unit, which focuses on sustainability thinking and understanding the environment. Dr. Leach’s presentations prompted deeper thinking and understanding around these important issues" Ms. Keller continues.

ES Librarian, Ms. Keller helps a student in the ES Library.

During his visit, Dr. Leach inspired students to think about the many ways that they, too, have an opportunity to make a difference in the world. 8th-grade students are applying their new knowledge in their integrated ELA/Science documentary projects, that deal with the impact of climate change. 

Dr. Leach’s presentation and photographs of habitats and fragile eco-systems gave Middle School students a lot to think about.

We are so grateful for Dr. Leach’s visit and for being able to provide our students with new perspectives and opportunities for growth!

Author: Tanya Olander
Communications Officer


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