Recognizing Need in Regions Impacted by Flooding, SSIS Dragons Spring to Action

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Recognizing Need in Regions Impacted by Flooding, SSIS Dragons Spring to Action

SSIS Dragons in all divisions sprang to action to raise funds for central Vietnam when the worst flooding in twenty years recently impacted the region. 

The October floods in central Vietnam did not escape anyone’s attention. Described by the local press as a month of tragedies, harrowing images filled our screens as national and local news broadcast stories of unspeakable loss suffered by so many. 

MS Volunteers help collect money and stamp hands for the fundraising activity Dragon Dress Down Thursday: Operation Flood Relief!

Students in Middle School, recognizing the great need among the impacted communities, approached Principal Molly Burger and the StuCo president to see how our community could help. 

Students performing for students and parents at Elementary school entrance.

To provide as much help as quickly as possible, SSIS decided to hold a schoolwide fundraiser with each division organizing their own collections. Donations would be focused on supporting Blue Dragon, a non-governmental organization that a student club in High School already is working with. The divisions set a fundraising goal of 50 million VND each.

SSIS Matches Community Donations

Well, when our SSIS Dragons spring to action, there’s no limit to what they can do. Our community raised an astounding 365,547,500 VND, roughly $15,800 USD, twice the original goal, in just one week! But that is not the only good news. Recognizing the extraordinary need in our host country, SSIS decided to match the funds raised, bringing the total to 731,095,000 VND, i.e., $31,500 USD.

As if the difficulties of this year were not enough, tens of thousands of families in central Vietnam are now facing immeasurable hardships. Some of which may take years to overcome. This was something we had to do,” says Head of School, Dr. Catriona Moran, adding “our Core Values of Respect for All and Dedicated Service mean that when we can serve our community, we do.

High School students eagerly contributed to the fundraising for central Vietnam.

As a result of our community’s incredible generosity, and with the matching made by school leadership, we will now be able to extend our help to two more organizations, Song Foundation and Lin Center for Community Development. Spreading the funds raised will also allow the SSIS community to have an even greater impact across the region, as Blue Dragon’s efforts are concentrated to Hue. And although many months of recovery will follow for the people of central Vietnam, SSIS Dragons are grateful to be able to give back to the community in this time of need. 

Author: Tanya Olander
Communications Officer


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