Employment Opportunities

We thank you for your interest in Saigon South International School. We are in the beginning stages of our recruitment for 2018-2019. When a relevant job posting appears on this page, interested candidates should send an email to working@ssis.edu.vn

We search for teachers who have full teacher certification and license from an English speaking country (with the exception of those teaching Spanish and Mandarin Chinese where native fluency is preferred and a teaching license from a country where that language is spoken is accepted). For elementary teachers, a Master's degree in education or teaching is preferred. At the middle school and high school levels, a Master's degree in the discipline to be taught is preferred. For all teachers, EC through Gr12, qualification, experience, or training in EAL is preferred.

Applicants are asked to submit the following documents in electronic form (PDFs of scanned documents), making sure to reference the position they are interested in as part of the subject line in their email: an up-to-date resume or curriculum vitae, transcripts from undergraduate and graduate studies, and any letters of reference which may already be in the candidates possession. While every attempt is made to coordinate the applications of teaching couples, it is strongly recommended that each partner submit a separate application. Likewise, those candidates with Search Associates files are urged to apply from within the Search Associates website.

Administrative & All School Openings

There are no additional openings expected at this time.

Elementary Openings (Early Childhood through Grade 5)

There are no additional openings expected at this time.

Middle School Openings (Grades 6-8)

There are no additional openings expected at this time.

High School Openings (Grades 9-12)

There are no additional openings expected at this time.

Tentative Openings

There are no additional openings expected at this time.

SSIS Head of School Appointment, July 2018

It is with great pleasure we announce the appointment of Dr. Catriona Moran as the next Head of School, commencing in July 2018.

Dr. Moran has a long and distinguished career as an educator. Beginning initially as a teacher and Technology Coordinator, Dr. Moran then served as Principal of K-9 at Nishimachi International School in Tokyo and Curriculum Director of Kyoto International School in Japan. She then started her 17-year career at Taipei American School in Taiwan, serving as the K-12 Language Arts/EAL Coordinator, the Lower School Principal, and then Deputy Head of School. As Principal, she received the greatest recognition as a school leader when she was named the “National Distinguished Principal of the Year” by the National Association of Elementary Principals and the USA State Department.

With a breadth and depth of experience spanning over three decades in a range of teaching and academic leadership positions, Dr. Moran brings a deep understanding of all facets of schools operations to our School. She has a strong background in strategic planning, literacy development, STEM integration, KA-12 curriculum articulation, professional development, assessments, and facilities development. In addition, Dr. Moran has spearheaded the Wellness Initiative at Taipei American School.

Dr. Moran has a B.A. in Elementary Education from the University of Limerick, Ireland; a M.Ed. in Educational Administration from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia; and an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from the University of San Diego, California. She and her husband, Gerry, have two sons, Jack and Tommy, currently attending college in Australia.

As Dr. Moran looks ahead to joining our school community next year, she states, “I am greatly honored to be selected as the next Head of SSIS, and I hope to build on the founders’ vision and a strong foundation of 20 years to take the School to the next level of excellence. Working together with its strong leadership team and excellent faculty and staff, I believe we can make SSIS the best educational environment yet, one that allows every student to thrive, every employee to feel challenged and valued, and every parent to rejoice in their selection of SSIS as the school of choice for their children. I look forward to deepening my understanding of the school as I work with the Board and Mr. Sylte during the transition, and to joining the SSIS community next July.”

Timeline for 2018-2019 hiring season

early October

First posting of known openings for the 2018-2019 school year (earlier postings are possible in some circumstances). While we prefer to include face-to-face interviews with all candidates, we will hire on a rolling basis, with strong candidates selected as soon as they appear. Key to this stage are complete files (resume, transcripts), strong references from previous schools, and strong interviews with several levels of leadership at SSIS.


Second posting of known openings for the 2018-2019 school year after the deadline for current faculty to return sign contracts.


The Head of School and select principals plan to attend the following recruitment fairs:

Search Associates Leadership Fair (November 2018)

Search Associates Bangkok (January 2019)

Search Associates London (January 2019)

Search Associates Cambridge (January 2019)

Openings for 2018-2019 School Year

Substitute/Supply Teacher Openings

We maintain a list of experienced, qualified teachers for substitute and replacement teaching in the Elementary, Middle and High Schools. We contact these individuals as need to cover short terms (3-4 days) or unexpected absences by our teachers.

The successful candidate will have:

  • A current teaching certificate (or equivalent);
  • A Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Science, or equivalent;
  • Fluency in English;
  • Recent successful teaching experience at the elementary or secondary school level.
We currently have few spaces open on our list of substitute and replacement teachers. If interested, please send us your materials.

A caution to all applicants

Applicants interested in working or teaching at an international school should be aware that fraudulent websites exist with promises of employment. Some sites will clone a school’s entire web site to lure in unsuspecting candidates, whilst others will purport to represent employment agencies engaged by the school and authorized to hire teachers and staff. If you are interested in working at SSIS you should know:

1. We never post to any websites other than our own and those of reputable search agencies with which we have signed agreements. (While we have used other respected agencies in the past, we currently are exclusive to Search Associates.)

2. We will consider applications which are sent directly to the School ( working@ssis.edu.vn ), but candidates should be aware that we vigorously check references from multiple previous employers. Unsolicited information regarding candidates sent directly to the school by placement agencies is deleted unread as are applications which link to a prospective employee’s file hosted by an agencies with whom we do not have an agreement.

3. At SSIS, only the Head of School is authorized to extend employment offers. Offers bearing the names or contact information of any other person at the school, or anyone at an employment agency, are not legitimate.

4. SSIS will never ask a prospective employee to send money to the school or to any outside agency for any reason. While some international hires may incur expenses in the process of on-boarding (e.g. the acquisition of a police background check or the notarizing of a document), such money is never sent to SSIS or to any third party and is only reimbursed upon arrival in Vietnam.

5. The interview process for SSIS typically includes Skype conversations with several teacher-leaders and administrators, even when an employee is recruited at a job fair. Pictures of these individuals are accessible on our website to be compared with the individual placing the Skype call.