Applying to SSIS

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The Admissions Process

Step 1. Online Application

Complete the online application forms. In order for your application to be reviewed, it must include all required documents.

Step 2. Assessment and Observations

All applicants must participate in the interview and screening process. The application fee of 10,000,000VND must be paid before an assessment can occur.

A. Early Childhood (EC3-K)

Applicants for early childhood must attend a developmental screening and observation.

B. Grade 1

Applicants to Grade 1 must complete a basic screening of their written language and mathematical proficiency levels. If necessary, applicants may be asked to sit for a second round of testing to determine their EAL (English Additional Language) level.

C. Grades 2-12

Applicants in grades 2-12 must complete an academic screening of their English, both written and comprehension, and mathematical proficiency. If necessary, applicants may be asked to sit for a second round of testing to determine their EAL level.

Step 3. Review of Application

Each application is reviewed by the appropriate divisional admissions committee. All decisions are based on a careful review of the applicant's school records, screen scores, English language proficiency and the school's ability to meet the students needs within the existing programs.

Step 4. Decisions

There are 3 possible decisions for every application.

A. Acceptance

If an applicant is qualified and there is space available, a formal letter of acceptance is issued. Parents must sign the letter and turn in a completed health form before the student may enroll. All tuition payments must be cleared before the first day of classes. Middle school and high school students will meet with their appropriate divisional counselors prior to starting classes.

B. Waitpool

Qualified applicants are placed in the waitpool if there is no space available in the selected grade level.

C. Denial

Applicants can be denied admissions on the basis of their academic/and or behavioral record, because their English language proficiency does not meet grade-level requirements, or when SSIS lacks a program to meet their educational needs.


Step 5. Confirm Enrollment

Students who have been accepted will need to sign a letter of acceptance, submit the health form and complete the payment before their first day of school.