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Teaching and Learning


A group of boys illustrate the cycles of the moon with spheres and a flashlight

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Our curriculum is built with our mission and Core Values at its heart. Based on North American standards, our curriculum challenges students to think critically, work collaboratively and engage in issues and ideas that extend into, and beyond, our own community.

At SSIS students learn to confidently express their ideas with clarity and respect, act with integrity and celebrate multiple perspectives. Our passionate and highly-experienced educators strive to help learners of all ages find identity, meaning, and purpose. 

We are deeply committed to the mental, physical, social, and emotional health of each student, and their well-being is nurtured throughout our curriculum. 

Profile of a Learner

Approaches to Learning

We believe that the best learning happens when students can make connections between subjects, focusing on authentic learning experiences and current issues. 

Today, the most innovative educational institutions in the world use inquiry-based teaching models. Not only does it develop literacy and critical thinking skills, but also makes students retain learning better, and build a deeper understanding of the content. 

Removing the barrier between the real world and the classroom has many benefits, and we strive to find new and innovative ways for our students to solve problems in the context of their lives and communities. This approach nurtures natural engagement because of the deep and purposeful connections between the school and the community, and it enhances our curriculum.

Technology is a natural part of our curriculum. We have a 1:1 iPad program for students in grades 1 - 3, and in grades 4-12 students bring a Macbook to school, where they are integrated into activities, projects, assignments, and assessments.