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Empowering Students to Grow and Thrive

Children and adolescents learn in various ways and at different paces. At SSIS we strive to make all of our learners feel safe, supported, and heard. We offer a range of services that empower students to create goals and make healthy decisions that best meet their needs.

Counseling Services

Students thrive emotionally and academically when they have a safe and nurturing environment.

Our teams of divisional counselors employ proactive and responsive services to students in times of transitions, stress, or any other circumstance that may interfere with a student's wellbeing and optimal learning experience. 

The student-centered approach encourages each learner’s growth into an ethical and adaptive individual. Students develop the ability to better overcome challenges, grow and thrive. 

Learning Support

Students with diverse learning needs enrich the learning of an entire community. At SSIS, students with mild to moderate learning differences develop strategies to become confident, creative, and independent learners.

In collaboration with parents, principals, and counselors, learning support is woven into students’ classes. Individual learning plans allow students to articulate how they make meaning and engage with information and concepts and outline how they best demonstrate their understanding. 

With this approach, each family and educator knows what the individual student needs to fully participate in academics and navigate the SSIS curriculum.

English as an Additional Language

At SSIS, we honor and celebrate the linguistic and cultural diversity of multilingual learners.

Our EAL (English as an Additional Language) teachers understand that language development and learning occur over time and work closely with the learner's other teachers to ensure they make progress and have an equally rich learning experience. 

During the admissions process, students’ linguistic needs are comprehensively assessed to determine their level of English proficiency. Our specialists determine what type of services will facilitate the learner’s growth and ability to successfully follow our English-language curriculum.