Middle School

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In the middle school, we are privileged to work with students who are truly at a turning point in their growth and development. The energy, the curiosity, the personal development - that's what middle school is all about.

-Mrs. Molly Burger
Middle School Principal

SSIS Middle School: Connections

The joy of learning with students who are exploring their interests, developing their passions, beginning to see themselves as independent people ready to take on the world. That’s middle school.

When students enter middle school, they are excited by their new independence, the increased responsibility, and the new courses and activities offered to them. They are equally nervous about those very same things. Throw into the mix changing social relationships and puberty, and we can understand how complex middle school can be for students. Attending middle school in an international environment adds an exciting layer for the students. The expert faculty members at SSIS are ready to guide our students through the joyful years of middle school helping them learn more about themselves as they develop their subject matter expertise and learn about the world around them.