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Middle School


Students standing around a table in a middle school classroom

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6 - 8

Our middle school, the only program in HCMC uniquely developed for students in grades 6 - 8, is an environment that encourages independence and supports growth.

Middle school is a dynamic time. As students begin to take on more responsibility for their personal and intellectual development, they also face changing social relationships and puberty.

Students thrive in our middle school environment, where they have their own dedicated space and, coming in 2024, a purpose-built state-of-the-art facility, to pursue high-level academics, explore their interests and develop their passions. Here they truly begin to see themselves as independent people, recognizing their unique abilities and nurturing their self-advocacy.

We encourage our students' independence and support their intellectual and personal growth in many different ways.

Community and Belonging

Creating opportunities for students to make connections is at the heart of our middle school program.

Strong relationships are crucial during this transitional phase in students’ lives. They foster community and belonging and help students overcome challenges.

Making Time for Growth

Daily advisory classes are a time for students to nurture positive relationships and grow together, building physical and mental wellbeing into their everyday routines.

"House Leagues" are another opportunity for students to build community and nurture belonging. As members of one of three “houses,” students engage in friendly competitions and team-building activities throughout the year.

Wellness at SSIS

Students play a team game outside wearing house league shirts
A student uses a soldering iron working on a computer board in the maker space
A student paints a portrait in the art studio
Two students dance with excitement on stage wearing funny costumes
Students play saxophone on stage

Discovering Themselves

With electives, students take one step closer to discovering who they are and what they like.

Our extensive program let students explore a wide range of electives such as dance, art, choir, drama, public speaking, and robotics.

Through electives, students broaden their perspectives of the world, some life-long passions.

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