High School

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The high school at SSIS is an extremely caring and supportive environment. Our students feel comfortable to engage fully in learning so they can achieve their own greatest degree of success. I am pleased to observe, on a daily basis, the excellence in academics and confidence that our students demonstrate due to their great sense of self.


- MS. Jennifer Mendes
High School Principal


SSIS Graduates: Prepared for the Future



You can feel student excitement and anticipation of the future as you walk the halls, watch a club or athletic competition and visit classrooms at SSIS. While the academic standards and expectations are high for our students, as they prepare for the challenges at university and beyond, we have a compassionate and caring staff that supports them along the way. We believe in providing our students opportunities to experiment in a variety of content areas and extracurricular activities, which will help them determine their own passions for future exploration. The wide array of programs we offer students in the arts, sciences, mathematics and humanities culminate in Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate offerings that enhance their discoveries.

Students in the high school live and breathe our core values of Academic Excellence, Sense of Self, Dedicated Service, Balance in Life and Respect for All on a daily basis. As a result, our students leave SSIS ready to tackle the challenges of a twenty first century global society.