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Teacher smiles looking at engaged students in a classroom
George Marshall

Kindergartners (ages 5 – 6) are full of ideas — and questions! At SSIS, our Kindergarteners’ curiosity drives the curriculum and therefore their learning. They are excited to discover that they are encouraged to explore their own interests. The students learn to express their thoughts and creativity and to actively seek the answers to their questions. As their independence is nurtured, they begin to grow into strong, capable, and resilient learners. 

Super Units

Understanding Ourselves - Appreciating Others
Students are naturally curious about the people who contribute to making our campus the beautiful, clean, and safe place that it is. As students observe the work that happens all around them, they realize what goes into making a community, they want to show their appreciation. Independently making creative gifts and cards, they learn that the simplest gestures can show the greatest appreciation.

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Understanding Others - Community Life
During our deepening inquiry into community life, the students begin to understand their roles and responsibilities within the classroom and the wider SSIS community. They develop an understanding of what it means to be responsible and respectful. They engage in projects to demonstrate their understanding of working together, sharing responsibilities, and following their own interests. 

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Understanding Our Environment - Life Cycle
During this unit, our kindergarten students learn that all living things go through a life cycle. Observing the life cycle of living things, they learn what living things need to grow and survive and how to use scientific skills to research and record their observations of the changes living things go through. 

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Understanding Our World - Change Over Time
Toward the end of the year, we bring together the concepts of ourselves, others, and the environment into one project. This unit combines the concept of community with a variety of ecosystems, both past and present. Students learn about the changes in our own bodies and what we can do to understand events that have changed our land over time. Discovering a wide variety of systems, the students use the information to explore how they can help the world and others around them. 

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