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Grade 4


Teacher smiles looking at engaged students in a classroom
Grade 4
George Marshall

Peek in through one of the windows of our grade 4 (ages 9 – 10) classrooms, and you’ll see students working together in groups, sharing stories, and engaging in activities. From researching, writing, and delivering TED-style talks, to coding and creating energy-efficient prototypes in our Makerspace, or listening to inspiring international guest speakers, they are always having fun while learning!

Super Units

Understanding Ourselves - Independent Me
Considering how they can make positive choices independently, students learn about our human body systems and how the choices we make affect our health. They are eager to share their knowledge and convince others of the importance of healthy choices. In preparation for their presentation, they learn how to confidently inform and persuade and how to create and deliver an engaging presentation. The project culminates in a TED-style talk from each student.

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Understanding Others - The Heart of Exploring
In this unit, students learn about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and how we can all play a part in improving social and environmental issues around the world. Also learning how communities can come together to achieve local and global goals, and the actions they can take to help contribute to the United Nation’s vision for sustainability. The students are also free to explore topics of their own interest on “Wonder Wednesdays,” where curiosity, creativity, and inquiry are central to learning.

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Understanding Our Environment - Viable Vietnam
Taking a closer look at the natural environment of Vietnam, students learn how culture is connected to a country’s environment. They research how farming techniques, traditional foods, games, clothing, and entertainment can be sustained in Vietnamese culture. Working in groups, students collaborate to produce an eBook at the end of this unit. By studying landforms, including the Mekong Delta, students gain an understanding of how Earth’s physical features and geography play an important role in cultures and their sustainability.

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Understanding Our World - Thinking Outside the Box
From writing fantasy stories to learning how to code, students explore our world’s energy systems in this unit. They learn how we can conserve energy by analyzing our homes, and inspiring guest speakers who live sustainably will offer more insights. All combined, their knowledge will culminate in an energy-conserving Smart room, which they showcase at the end of the unit.

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