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Grade 2


Teacher smiles looking at engaged students in a classroom
Grade 2
George Marshall

Like all students, second-graders (ages 7 – 8) start their day in a morning meeting. They greet each other, and discuss and set goals for the day. Later they may sit with a teacher or in small groups, in reading workshops or work independently on their writing. Math concepts are taught in various engaging ways like number talks, games, small-group strategy work, or hands-on problem-solving. From start to finish, the second-grade experience instills in these young learners a sense of curiosity, wonder, and optimism.

Super Units

Understanding Ourselves - Building a Better Me, Building a Better We
Students identify the things they are good at and set goals for areas of growth. In order to meet their goals, they will learn how to create healthy habits like practicing good hygiene (brushing teeth and cleaning hands to help stop the spread of germs). They learn about nutrition and how to make healthy food choices and practice mindfulness to manage big emotions. With their new knowledge, students will create a digital book to teach their Senior Buddies how to live a healthy lifestyle.

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Understanding Others - What’s the Matter
Exploring solids, liquids, and gasses, students are provoked by various scientific phenomena to design models, plan and carry out investigations, collect data, and construct explanations. Students take ownership of their learning, using their evidence to demonstrate how matter can undergo reversible or irreversible change. By pursuing their curiosities, the students make discoveries that could someday make a difference to others and the world.

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Understanding Our Environment - Smart Consumers
With the question “How can I have a positive impact on the environment?” students begin to think about sustainability and how our daily choices impact our environment. They learn how to use materials responsibly and how to make better choices as consumers. Students share their learning on Public Service Announcement posters to show we can all have a positive impact on the environment by taking action. 

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Understanding Our World - Celebrations 
As they study and celebrate different cultures around the world, students explore how culture influences how we see the world, how we see the community that we live in, and how we communicate with each other. Using their own family photos, students reflect on their family’s celebrations and traditions, investigating what makes celebrations meaningful and how different cultures celebrate milestones. To wrap up the unit, the second-graders honor plan and conduct their own meaningful celebration for their Senior Buddies.

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