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Early Childhood


Teacher smiles looking at engaged students in a classroom
Early Childhood
George Marshall

Whether creating prints with leaves in our shaded outdoor learning center or discovering what happens when you add droplets of soap to water, EC students (ages 3 - 4) learn to explore their world using all of their senses. 

As students’ confidence grows, they are encouraged to apply and question their learning!

In EC, students also work on building important social skills as they learn how to interact with others. Outside of their homeroom, our students visit specialist classes like music, art, physical education, and library. In each class, teachers nurture students’ independence and encourage them to explore their curiosity.

Super Units

Understanding Ourselves - Who Am I?
What makes each of us unique and how do different things make us feel? This unit is all about developing various interests, trying new things, and gaining independence. Explorations extend beyond the classroom and onto our campus, allowing students to build confidence as they become more aware of who they are and where they belong.

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Understanding Others - Who Are We?
As students become more aware of who they are, they explore how we learn and work together as a community. Students learn about each other’s cultures and families and begin to understand how their classmates bring something unique to the class. Learning about others helps students develop empathy and understanding, and knowing what makes others unique helps them learn how to work together.

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Understanding Our Environment - What Lives Here?
In this unit, our lush, green campus is our classroom, and questions like “What is nature?” “What is a living thing?” “What is a non-living thing?” nurture students’ scientific inquiry skills. As they learn to handle things carefully, look closely, ask questions and make predictions, students develop empathy and an appreciation of nature and its importance to our world.

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Understanding Our World - How Things Work?
In the final SuperUnit of the year, students put their inquiry skills to use as we take a closer look at our world. Students’ critical thinking skills grow and as they explore, they are prompted to try to figure out how to answer the questions themselves. The scientific process is already at work!

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