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Elementary School


Teacher smiles looking at engaged students in a classroom

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Early Childhood
 - Grade 5

Children are curious by nature. At SSIS we encourage and nurture that curiosity. Here, your child will learn how to cultivate deep interests, and as their confidence grows, come to understand that they can impact change.Under the guidance of our highly qualified educators, our students engage in daily hands-on learning experiences with others. They develop empathy and understanding on their paths toward purposeful lives.

Our award-winning facilities are not only beautiful, but they provide an environment that is safe, inviting, and emotionally nurturing.

Our Curriculum

The framework of our elementary school curriculum is built on integrated learning units called “Super Units.”

As with all of our teaching and learning, the foundation of our Super Units is rooted in our mission, nurturing the value of working with others for the greater good.

Super Units

Our unique integrated units combine all subjects creating authentic and stimulating learning experiences under four overarching themes.

  • Understanding Ourselves
  • Understanding Others
  • Understanding Our Environment
  • Understanding Our World 


A group of young students draw with crayons on a very large canvas.

A Day in the Life

Learning and Growing Outside the Classroom

Whether it is storytelling, maker space exploration, kickball, or cooking, our elementary school After School Activities (ASAs) give students the opportunity to explore and develop interests outside of the classroom.

We have three ASA seasons so students can try a range of activities throughout the year. Most are let by our own faculty, but sometimes we bring in outside instructors for specialized classes like ballet, martial arts, or hip-hop.

After-School Activities

A young boy smiles joyfully playing with a handful of slime.
Two boys playing a game of chess.
A team of young runners form an arch and a teammate runs through.
A young girl cuts a fruit while preparing a salad.

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