Elementary School

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Elementary School Principle We help curious children develop the thinking skills necessary to unlock their world ... the future!

-Dr. Daniel J. Keller
Elementary School Principal



SSIS is an excellent elementary school for international students in Ho Chi Minh City. Our elementary program begins with our early childhood program (for children 3-4 years old), and continues through grade 5 (for children approximately 10-11 years old). Our outstanding program is based on four keys to success:

  1. Exceptionally qualified and experienced teachers who deliver quality instruction every day
  2. World-class facilities that create stimulating and engaging learning environments
  3. An exciting curriculum that is anchored in our Core Values, focuses on developing critical thinking skills, and connects all subjects to the real world.
  4. Grade level expectations that are based on academic standards that are rigorous and clearly defined.

Our exceptionally qualified teachers deliver a world-class education to every child. Every class has a full-time teacher who is supported by full-time teaching assistants in each classroom. Our faculty includes specialist teachers in the areas of visual arts, music, drama, physical education, swimming, library, host-country studies (Vietnamese), English as an Additional Language (EAL), Learning Support, and child psychology. Teachers are supported by full-time in-school professional development coaches in the areas of literacy, science, technology, engineering, and math. Our faculty members enjoy partnering with parents and other community members in guiding and supporting students’ learning. Parents looking to find a truly international elementary school experience have come to the right place.

Our Curriculum - Setting the Stage with Super Units

At SSIS, we believe in the value of instilling a love for learning at an early age. Even our youngest students are encouraged to think critically, explore their interests and develop their creativity. 

Our curriculum of integrated units of study, “Super Units,” sets the stage for students to make connections between the elementary subjects of English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arts (visual art, drama, music), Vietnamese, Library and Physical Education. They learn to analyze, synthesize and think critically, to listen carefully, to ask questions, to appreciate various perspectives and opinions and to cooperate and collaborate with others. 

Each school year is divided into four separate Super Unit themes, and are adapted per grade level throughout all of Elementary School:

  • Understanding Ourselves: Achieving my Goals in Life
  • Understanding Others: Serving the Needs of Humanity
  • Understanding our Environment: Sharing the Resources of our Planet
  • Understanding our World: Managing the Complexity of Systems

Academically rigorous, the Super Units nurture critical skills and understanding relevant to the world today and prepare students for future success throughout school and in their lives beyond. 

Curriculum Per Grade Level