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An American-Style Education

The SSIS curriculum follows an American-style method of education infused with a spirit of inquiry, student engagement and participation. Our curriculum focuses on student centered approaches, with problem solving and critical thinking skills embedded throughout. The emphasis on innovative and independent thinking allows for academic freedom and differences of opinions are valued. SSIS is further distinguished as an American international school in Ho Chi Minh City by our community and a focus on international mindedness.

We believe that our Core Values immeasurably enrich learning. Our students have a clear understanding of themselves and experience a full and rich academic program which includes both curricular and co-curricular offerings. Students feel a responsibility to family, school, community and the world, and take part in community service. Finally, all people are seen as equal in dignity and worthy of respect.

As in all American schools, students will attend three levels of schooling prior to graduation from high school:

    • early childhood and elementary school (EC – grade 5, ages 3 – 11)
    • middle school (grades 6 – 8, ages 11 – 14)
    • high school (grades 9 – 12, ages 14 – 18)