Mission & Core Values

Our Mission Statement

SSIS is a college preparatory school committed to the intellectual and personal development of each student in preparation for a purposeful life as a global citizen.

Our mission statement is both our commitment to our students and families and our challenge to ourselves. We expect that all of our students are on track to apply to a college or university which provides the best fit for them in their continuing education and is recognized for excellence in their chosen field. We offer a rigorous educational program but are equally concerned with the maturation of our students into young men and women of outstanding character. We believe that life is about more than just a career and that each person should examine their place in the world and look for ways in which they can serve the greater good of the community, not just personal self-interest. Finally, we see the world as an increasingly globalized and interconnected place. We are first rooted in culture, nationality, language and beliefs, but we are called upon to live in this community with those who are similar to us and with those who are different from us. We believe these are all exciting challenges which we face individually and as a community at SSIS.


Our Core Values: SSIS Believes In and Promotes

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Academic Excellence

A challenging academic program, based on American standards, that teaches the student how to think, to learn, to problem solve, and to work individually and in teams while acquiring a foundational knowledge base of the world.

Sense of Self

A community atmosphere in which each student can gain a sense of who they are in the world; to develop self-confidence, strong character, convictions, leadership abilities, grace, courage, the desire to be a life-long learner, and the commitment to achieve excellence in all they do.

Respect for All

A perspective that each individual is a person of worth.

Balance in Life

An academic program that promotes an appreciation for all of life and seeks to balance the sciences with the humanities; academics with the arts; mental wholeness with physical, social, and spiritual wholeness; and future career with family relationships.

Dedicated Service

A view that looks beyond oneself to the assets and needs of the surrounding community and the world and finds fulfillment in unlocking potential in the service of mankind. The model SSIS graduate will demonstrate a caring attitude, be environmentally aware, and persevere for the good of the community.