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We are pleased that SSIS is the first school in Vietnam to be recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for our innovation, leadership, and educational excellence. This is a two-year award, renewable for continued leadership in educational design thinking.

SSIS: Leading the Way in Innovation




Only three short years ago we committed ourselves to a new path and a new understanding of technology. Building on the foundational work of colleagues before us, we began with an expanded definition of “literacy” which envision students fluent in the traditional areas of reading, writing, and arithmetic but also as creators of the emerging areas of communication such as video, audio, software programming, design, gestures and language.

As part of the application process, SSIS created an engaging multi-touch iBook® (SSIS - Leading the Way in Innovation) documenting our commitment to the five best practices of an Apple Distinguished School: visionary leadership, innovative learning and teaching, ongoing professional learning, compelling evidence of success and a flexible learning environment.

Being named an Apple Distinguished School will provide our teachers with enhanced opportunities for professional development and we can expect an increase of visitors from other schools to come see all the exciting things we are doing at SSIS

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