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Tuition & Fees Schedule

Effective 2016/2017 School Year


There are two tuition payment options:

Option 1: Payment in full by 1st July 2016. A 6% early payment discount applies.

Option 2: A quarterly payment plan with no refund option.  Please refer to the tuition table below.

Fees & Tuition

Payment Due Date
1st July
Payment Due Date
1st October
Payment Due Date
1st Dec
Payment Due Date
1st March
Option 2
Total Annual Fee
Option 1
Discounted Annual Fee
Installment 1
Installment 2
Installment 3
Installment 4
EC 3 - 4
Grade 1 - 5
Grade 6 - 8
Grade 9 - 10
Grade 11 - 12

Application Fee: $450 USD per student (non-refundable)
This is a one-time fee payable when the application form is submitted. This fee covers all administrative costs and admission and placement testing charges.

Re-enrollment Desposit (returning students) US$ 2,000 is payable by 1st April 2016 for all returning students at SSIS. Payment of the deposit will guarantee a seat for the student provided all other requirements are met. This deposit is mandatory and failure to make payment by the due date may result in the loss of a seat for the student. The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Enrollment Desposit (new students)
Upon receiving an offer of enrollment, an Enrollment Fee of $2,000 must be paid immediately to guarantee a place for the following school year or semester.

Payment Option 1
Deducted from full tuition invoice
Payment Option 2
Deducted from Installment 4 invoice. The enrollment deposit will be refunded if a Departure Notice form is given to the Admisson Office 60 calendar days prior to the student's departure date.

Refund Policy (Payment Option 1 only)

Parents must complete and return the Departure Notice form to the Admissions Office 60 calendar days prior to the departure date or a smaller percentage will be refunded. See schedule below.

Depature Date
>60 calendar days notice % of Annual Tuition
<60 calendar days notice % of Annual Tuition
Anytime Quarter 1
Anytime Quarter 2
Anytime Quarter 3
Anytime Quarter 4

Late Payment Policy

All fees must be paid by the due date(s).  Late penalties will be charged as follows:

  • After 30 days past the payment due date, a 5% penalty will be applied on the outstanding amount. Parents who receive a penalty notice that they believe is an error, should provide a copy of the bank payment receipt to the school. The penalty will depend on the date of the bank receipt.
  • After 60 days past the payment due date, (in addition to the 5% penalty), school records will be withheld and educational services may be denied.

Late Enrollment

The school accepts late enrollment of new students depending on seat availability. For students enrolling after the beginning of the academic year, the following fees will apply:

Entry Date
% of Annual Tuition
Anytime Quarter 1
Anytime Quarter 2
Anytime Quarter 3
Anytime Quarter 4


Additional Costs

The school supplies all educational texts and many supplementary supplies. Students and families are responsible for personal supplies, lunch, school uniforms, field trip expenses, AP & IB Exams, and school bus transportation charges. High school students are required to bring a laptop to school daily.

Grade level
PTA Dues
Week without Walls
Week without Walls

Special Discount

A 20% discount will be applied to tuition for the 3rd and subsequent child(ren) of the same family attending SSIS. This discount does not apply to families whose tuition is paid by a sponsoring company, government, or other agency. This discount will be applied to the youngest child(ren) in attendance.

Payment Method

Payment is by bank transfer to either bank listed below:
Saigon South International School
Saigon South International School
Bank Name
VIETCOMBANK-Nam Sai Gon Branch
ANZ Bank (Vietnam) Limited
801 Nguyen Van Linh, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, HCMC, Vietnam (Or any VIETCOMBANK branch in Vietnam).
47 Nguyen Van Linh, Phu My Hung, District 7, HCMC, Vietnam (Or any ANZ branch in Vietnam).
Account No.
(VND) 5607907
Account No.
(USD) 5607918
Swift Code

Please ensure that your payment makes reference to your child(ren)’s name(s) and unique ID.

Please ensure that your payment covers the bank charges made by your bank and the charges made by our bank.